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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Harvesting

Friday, July 15, 2011


Since I've been sick, our little garden has been sorely neglected. Read: not watered, tended, or otherwise visited more often than not. Being as that we're gardening in a greenhouse, not watering is a problem. We get no help from the rain.

Last night we spent a small amount of time down there "tending". Tying things up, ripping things out, etc. Oh, and harvesting. Mostly herbs, but we also pulled out close to 10 pounds of potatoes.

Yes, they are early. And therefore probably not going to store well. Like I said. We weren't watering much. And the plants were pretty dead earlier than they otherwise would have been. So we pulled them all out. And we did it wrong, so blight is a concern. So I'll be cooking lots of mashed potatoes for the freezer in the next day and a half before we leave town.

It also seem that there was a plant predator of some kind in our greenhouse in the last 48 hours since I'd been down to check on things. ALL the parsley was gone... well, except the green stems sticking up naked. We also found that several of our Echinacea blooms were bent over. Took a moment to figure that it's because just about all the leaves were gone off the plant! Ugh. They got most of the potato tops too. Not sure if we're talking mammal or insect, but we didn't see any evidence of one or the other.

We also did some blueberry picking this week at a semi-nearby local organic farm. We'll be going back tomorrow morning I hope (before the heat kicks in) but we started with 5 pounds in the freezer already!... well, minus what we ate. :)

Unfortunately, more of these guys will probably be waiting to startle me while picking. I could due without them!

You harvesting anything yet???

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