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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Homeschooling Preschool: Week 3

Monday, February 8, 2010

Homeschooling Preschool: Week 3

Are we on schedule??? Ah, no. And I don't really care either. He's three, you know! Whether or not I do a perfect job homeschooling him this year, or even get to everything on the plan, isn't going to make or break his future of learning. What is important is that he's enjoying it... and he's even learning.

We learned that "A is for Adam" this last week... with all the little details that go with it:
  • The letter Aa and it's short vowel sound.
  • What the lower case "a" looks like. (He could pick out the capital "A" a long time ago, but couldn't find the lower case "a" for anything. Now he can!)
  • Learned the story of Adam and Eve
  • Discussed how Adam and Eve disobeyed (as apposed to Bear in the book "Bear Obeys" who obeyed). We made this comparison a lot this last week!
  • Memorized Psalm 119:11. He now has two verses memorized. I get him started with the reference and he can do the rest... in fact, I just say Psalm and he can do the numbers too. :)
  • Fruit grow on trees.
  • All about apples... how they grow, how many seeds they have (the apple we opened had 7!), the different parts of apples.
We did some number activities too. I think Tornado's favorite was when I wrote each number 0-9 on a different piece of construction paper (different colors as much as I could) and put them down on the floor for him to jump on. He'd jump on one and I'd ask him to jump to the "8"... we'd spend some time figuring out which one was the "8" and then he'd jump and we'd do another one. He was getting better at recognizing the numbers toward the end and asked to play again when we were done. I'll be including that in this weeks activities whether it calls for it or not!

(Note: the activity really called for using chalk to write the numbers outside, but it's winter and cold and snowy... and I didn't think our landlord would want chalk numbers all over our driveway. If you do it on construction paper inside, make sure they won't slide when jumped on.) :)

I think the week was successful. He's internalizing some of the information. Twice today he took down his picture Bible wanting to read about Adam disobeying. I told him that if he obeyed and took a nap that we could do school this afternoon and learn about a man who obeyed God. (This week is about Noah.)



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