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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kids at Work

Jane over at Thy Hand Hath Provided is highlighting chores for kids and has asked us to share what we do. I love this! I loved reading hers and thought I'd share mine here for all of you too!

Understand that none of these are done everyday... with things being as they are these days, I definitely fall often into the "easier to do it myself" trap. Not because they fight me but because it just is. Truth is they want to help and I find myself turning them down. Need to get over that!

So this list is of the things I ask them to do when I ask them to do something. And one day we will be more regular about it. Like Jane, we don't have a list of chores... I'm not consistent enough. I just ask them to do something when I have something for them to do. It works for us so far.

Tornado (age 4.5): Clean up living room (where all playing takes place), clear and wipe table after meals, vacuum kitchen after meals, vacuum living room (he loves the vacuum), empty dryer, fold laundry (towels, his clothes, etc), put own laundry away, take diapers to outside trash, bring trash cans back from street after trash day (supervised but he does this on his own), watch baby when I leave the room for a minute, change toilet paper roll when empty, make own bed.

Sweet Pea (age 3): Help clean up living room, help move switch laundry, fold wash clothes, put own clothes away, set table (learning to do this properly), rinse dishes when we wash together, gather dirty diapers, "sweep" kitchen, make own bed.

Little Man (age 12 months): wait patiently for mommy, not fuss at meals. (we're working on both of these)

I know there are more... when a job comes up, I try to grab a kid to do part of it. I'd love to hear what your kids do... I believe our kids should learn to work hard even young (not to the exclusion of play, but to be hard workers). I never really did learned to work hard (not because my parents didn't try) and I suffer for it today! I'd love to help my children avoid that!

Visit Jane and share your kids chores!!



At August 18, 2011 at 11:17 AM , Anonymous judy said...

WOW IS ALL i CAN SAY.sounds LIKE YOUR DOING A TERRIFIC JOB. I have a daughter [ I mentioned her on Jane's spot, she used to use meth now she has a hard time coping to be a mom [ I know you say, why did she have more children? because that ,my dear is real life ] she has what is called a log worker [ yes,from social service ] to help her cope and learn the necessary skills she lost--she did not use when she was pregnant [ thank god ] but just because she did its hard and I believe god is helping her!


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